DVS SD, HD, 2k,4k DI Solution

Clipster DI System

  • Real-time conforming, editing, color correction and versioning
  • Convert your image data to any given format and easily handles data from SD,HD, 2k and up to 4k.
  • Effortlessly handles uncompressed graphic file sequences like DPX, Cineon, TGA,TIFF in 8,10,12 or 16bit RGB 4:4:4 ĘC all in real time and up to 4K.
  • It also handles Quicktime formats, wmv, MXF, MPEG1/2, JPEG2000.

Pronto System

  • The ultimate file-based HD and 2k Disk Recorder, your ideal recorder for realizing your broadcasting, film or presentation projects.
  • Allows you to use both compressed and uncompressed SD, HD and 2k data in real time.
  • Implement trouble free VTR emulation
  • ProntoXway provides you a multi-channel Disk recorder in one box that allows you to independently control two video channels to perform simultaneous capturing and content editing


  • The DVS-SAN can handle DPX, TIFF, Cineon, Quicktime, JP2, JPC, MXF, WAV, etc.
  • Allows you to work with real time with several uncompressed up to 4k streams in 10/12/16-bit parallel RGB 4:4:4
  • DVS-SAN enables you to scale from 300MB/s to 5GB/s
  • Perfectly safe with RAID 5/6 or mirroring
  • Central storage for SD,HD, 2k and 4k real-time post production workflows


  • Allows you to make search parameters to find image data, video and audio clips and metadata easily.
  • Enables you to effortlessly manage storage data volume and rename individual files or entire image sequences.
  • The Spycer defragmentation tool has been developed specifically for the needs of high resolution image sequences. It allows to position image sequences and clips in optimal locations on the storage system after defragmentation.

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