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DVO’s are the “secret sauce” that will set you apart from the others

The Biggest & Best selection of Emmy award-winning tools available (with more to come), you’ll find a DVO perfectly matched to any grading, correction, restoration or conversion challenge.

DVO Alias

Alias is fast, simple & requires minimal user input. You’ll easily be able to correct flickering & jagged swirls in patterned items of clothing & jagged lines in intricate architecture. Alias also offers instant correction for the most difficult of moiré pattern-related issues.

DVO Clarity

Will remove grain & noise in the RGB channels and won’t leave artifacts.

DVO Dirt Map

The go-to tool for Restorers, DVO Dirt Map is an advanced dust and dirt concealer capable of repairing other blemishes in film. It uses Infrared (IR) data taken from the alpha channel of the film clip as a hit signal.

DVO Dust

Dust Busting is hugely time-consuming; DVO Dust utilizes a pioneering set of processing algorithms and new filters with our Emmy award-winning PHAME motion compensation technology which will remove around 90% of visible imperfections without introducing unwelcome artifacts, allowing huge time & cost savings in your workflow.

DVO Flicker

Will remove luminance variations and chroma breathing from one frame to another & analyze the image sequence to remove brightness and chrominance fluctuations. These may be caused by varying exposure time, unsynchronized light sources, telecine transfer, aging film stock, and/or film chemical related issues.

DVO Line-Sync

As a Restoration artist, you know that line sync, or line jitter, is a very common problem with videotape. It’s typically caused by the lack of (or disturbances with) line synchronization pulses which prevent the videotape recorder from locating the actual start and end of each line. This causes random line displacement (jitter). The most visible effect is that vertical edges appear to be jagged. The jitter can range from +/-1 pixel to more than +/-5 pixels in severe cases. DVO Line Sync automatically detects and corrects these line displacements as well as any stretching caused.

DVO Print Align Sequential

Automatically align RGB sequential separation prints, even if the offset varies over time.

DVO Sharpen

Greatly enhance out-of-focus shots. Sharpen uses adaptive picture analysis and processing to yield excellent results without the common side effects associated with standard algorithms (such as amplified grain, noise, or halos around areas that were already sharp).

DVO Aperture

For the restoration artist, Aperture accurately compensates for the loss of high-frequency information generated in film scans with increased response to high-frequency content in the signal, adding sharpness & texture to any image.

DVO Cross-color

Restoration artists often complain of unwanted results from crosstalk between the chrominance and luminance components of a composite video signal (PAL or NTSC). Once a video signal has been in the composite domain, this defect is not easily removed. DVO Cross-color is an incredibly accurate tool that eliminates these problems with ease.

DVO Dropout

Automated drop-out & random artifact concealment for head clogs and bad tape media.

DVO Dust & Fix

Integrating Dust & Fix provides an additional automated fix for larger imperfections with a reveal function to remove erroneous Dust fixes allowing greater control.

DVO Frame

Easily reconstruct missing or badly damaged frames using motion compensation to accurately recreate fields and frames utilizing our proprietary PHAME motion vector algorithms, with options to use nearest neighbor and interpolation to repair damaged frames.

DVO Noise

Effectively manage and reduce unwanted analog electronic noise problems in video content.

DVO Regrain RGB

Add realistic, highly customized grain to images in R, G, and B channels. It gives complete control over grain size, sharpness, uniformity, and color.

DVO Steady 2

Reduce unsteadiness due to film weave during scanning or camera shakes during the capture of footage. The use of advanced motion estimation provides a better separation of random instability and pan/tilt movements. DVO Steady II can be used for both film and progressive video material.

DVO Upscale

Easily achieve optimized up-scaling of material, in particular when converting from SD to HD, whilst maintaining the high quality of edges, including diagonals; Upscale is especially useful for graphics.

DVO Twister

Your new superpower!! The best-advanced Motion Compensated standard conversion tool in the business.

DVO Brickwall

Reduce compression artifacts & improve the results of your compressed image. Reduce signal entropy & achieve extremely sharp cut-off beyond your defined frequency, enabling you to create accurate & defined spectral content for various types of compression pre-processing.

DVO De-interlace

DVO De-interlace uses advanced motion adaptation techniques to preserve sharpness whilst avoiding jaggedness by accurately creating progressive frames from interlaced originated material. The deinterlacer can maintain the fluid motion present in video (e.g. 50p delivery from a 50i source) or create a film look (e.g. 25p delivery from a 50i source).

DVO Dropout + Fix

We supercharge your workflows by combining Dropout & Fix which provides an additional automated fix tool for larger imperfections, with a reveal function to remove erroneous Drop-out fixes.


Dust on Steroids!!! Optimized to render at faster speeds.

DVO Frame Lock

Achieves a perfectly stabilized image as originally captured in camera, by using the framing of the original source media. By doing so, DVO Frame Lock eradicates generation loss and instability introduced in later processing and scanning.

DVO Pixel

Failing QC for the streamers? DVO Pixel will identify dead pixels in advance of the QC process & can be used in combination with other DVO tools to fix and remove a whole host of camera issues and rescue previously unsalvageable footage.

DVO Scala

Beautifully upscale resolution; transforms SD material to crisp 4K footage whilst improving image quality by compensating for unwanted aberrations.

DVO Stereo Fix

DVO Stereo Fix is an advanced stereo enhancement tool designed to resolve color matching and geometry alignment issues with stereo sequences.

DVO Velvet

Managing extreme noise, complex artefacts and night shots can be a frustrating task, but not with DVO Velvet. This powerful tool allows you to take back control and create a perfect base for further image enhancement.

DVO Zoom

Upscale with excellent accuracy, particularly when converting from HD to UHDV; also perform accurate downscaling of material with ROI processing and edge render options.

DVO Chroma

Even the most sophisticated digital cameras can suffer from Chroma bleeding. DVO Chroma is a powerful, fully automated tool that will enhance the quality of your image in a completely non-destructive way.

DVO Decompress

DVO Decompress is a high-compression, artifact-infested cleaner, helping you improve bad gradients and macroblocking issues without the need for lengthy manual processes…

DVO Dry Clean

Saves time in your workflow by providing the best auto-detection & repair tool for all sizes of defects & much more, meaning that more time can be spent on other aspects of the restoration.


The ultimate Restoration tool – DVO Fix facilitates the repair of specific areas and imperfections in a single frame, such as scratches, hairs and blotches. It also works for repairing more extensive damage such as punch holes, film tears and full-frame reconstruction. Using a brush or shape tool to select the damage, DVO Fix automatically repairs the selected area by comparing it to adjacent frames and applying motion compensation to recreate missing detail plus grain compensation to blend-in the recreated information. In addition to Auto Fix and manual Clone, an Auto Clone mode will automatically reposition and perform a best match of surrounding frames as an alternative to complete regeneration of content.

DVO Grain GT

Using our Emmy award-winning PHAME advanced motion estimation technology along with edge-preserving 3-D Spatio-temporal filters and temporal (recursive) filters, DVO Grain GT enables artists to produce clean, sharp pictures and match the look of film grain from shot-to-shot (including grain matching for underexposed film). The process of adaptively selecting the best mix of spatial and recursive filtering for each pixel is unique to the DVO Grain algorithm.

DVO Scratch Target

Automatically remove vertical scratches utilizing advanced detection algorithms with a fill-in result far superior to the normal process of hiding the defect, by using information from both sides of the scratch.

DVO Three Two

Automates the detection, removal, and correction of mixed cadence and broken cadence.

DVO Warp

An intelligent automatic tool for removing warping artifacts often associated with line scanners. The tool delivers precise results that are hard to match with any manual/semi-manual process.


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