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DIAMANT-Film Colorizer

Motivated by customer requests, we have created a new and revolutionary environment for coloring b/w movies.

Images provided by Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, Filmarchive Austria, Kinoteka Jugoslovenska


  • Accurate and color consistent colorization of full sequences based on historic colors
  • High accurate color assignment
    • AI based color transfer from sample images
    • Gradient map editor
    • Object based color database
    • AI based methods for segmenting objects interactively
    • Documentation for choosing historic correct colors
  • Reference frame based colorization
    • Tools to create the perfect reference frame
    • AI automatic to colorize a reference frame
    • Use of external reference frames created for example with Photoshop
  • AI based color transfer from given sample color reference images to a b/w sequence
  • Interactive tools to perfect the colorization

All that is available in an integrated application.


The DIAMANT-Film COLORIZER is our first commercial solution for efficient coloring film and video and is available as ADD-ON to our DIAMANT-Film Suite, or as stand-alone product.

Tutorial Video



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