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Smart tools for VFX and 3D artists

GeoTracker for Blender

The add-on that brings geometry-based object and camera tracking to your favourite 3D creation suite. Enjoy 3D object and camera alignment and check out our experimental workflow for video-based texturing. And the best part of it, it’s all inside Blender!

GeoTracker for After Effects

The first 3D object tracker for After Effects — GeoTracker. It brings painless, almost real-time geometry tracking to the motion design world and feels like a decent built-in tool!

FaceBuilder for Blender2.80+

A Blender add-on for 3D modelling of human faces and heads based on photos. The models can be used for likeness sculpting, animation, tracking or anything else in Blender; facial tracking with FaceTracker in Nuke; and surely you can just export it for further modifications in any other 3D software.

FaceBuilder for Nuke

A node that allows creating 3D models of human faces and whole heads based on photos in Nuke. The models can be later used for geometry tracking with GeoTracker or facial tracking with FaceTracker and of course, they can be exported for further modifications in any other 3D software.

FaceTracker for Nuke

A node for Nuke that lets you track facial gestures and expressions without complicated facial motion capture rigs or unstable neural network based solutions. Works with topologies compatible with FaceBuilder.

GeoTracker for Nuke

A node that brings 3D object tracking of rigid and deformable models to Nuke. Without the usual hassle associated with motion tracking job!

Blendshape nodes for Nukebeta

JoinBlendshapes, MixBlendshapes and FACS nodes allow working with blendshapes in Nuke. You can create 3D-objects with blendshapes, animate the blendshapes, mix animated geometries as blendshapes, etc.

TextureBuilder for Nuke

A node for Nuke that can gather image data from a number of tracked frames to create an accurate texture of an object. It can help you with modifying object’s texture (e.g. cleanup or digital makeup), or for creating of clean-plates for example.

PinToolfree for Nuke

A Nuke node that helps you to fit a 3D-object into a scene. It can be used for precise positioning of still objects or even for simple geometry tracking. To manipulate a 3D-model with PinTool, you simply drag control points on the model surface (pins) to their corresponding positions in the frame.

ReadRiggedGeofree for Nuke

A Nuke node for loading skeleton-based deformable models and manipulating skeletal animation.

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