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The Dolby Vision Content Mapping Unit

The Dolby Vision Content Mapping Unit (CMU) enables real-time Content Mapping (CM) processing for Dolby Vision mastered content when connected to or implemented in a 3rd party Dolby Vision enabled color grading or mastering product. Dolby Vision Content Mapping also enables HDMI Tunneling that allows users during the content creation process to preview their work in Dolby Vision on a Dolby Vision consumer television.
HDMI Tunneling – Previewing the grade on a Dolby Vision TV

External (hardware) Content Mapping Unit – eCMU

The eCMU performs the content mapping function using content with embedded Dolby Vision metadata from a supported color correction or mastering system, delivered over an SDI interface. The eCMU can map HDR content to a specified target that can then be viewed on a suitable target display. The applications enabled with Dolby Vision must also communicate with the eCMU via a data network, either connected directly or as part of a larger in-house network. This traffic is minimal and generally only occurs at startup or during project initialization.

See the Dolby Vision External Content Mapping Unit (eCMU) User Manual for a detailed setup guide of an eCMU.

An eCMU can only be purchased from an authorized CMU systems integrator:

Authorized CMU System Integrators:

  • USA: New Media Hollywood
  • Europe: Armari
  • Asia Pacific: Altec

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