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Supercharge Your Workflows

Unleash your productivity by removing time-consuming manual restoration tasks.

What is Loki 2.0?

Replacing the original Loki, Loki 2.0 is a file-based software application that opens the gateway to 30 years of Image Science Technology, in a simple and easy to use solution that can be customized to minimize the need forspecialist knowledge and training.

Whatever your image needs, Loki will most likely have a solution!

What can Loki do?

Loki addresses a very wide variety of image processing tasks, through a simple interface and automated workflow.

By accessing a huge range of Emmy award-winning DVO Tools designed to meet any conversion, finishing or restoration challenge, you can simplify and automate your workflows to achieve top end results while saving time on manual work. Here are some typical example uses:

  • Digital Camera image repair
  • Video Tape Restoration
  • Transcoding from and to a variety of file formats
  • Image Enhancement
  • Colour Space Conversion and LUT application
  • Up/Down/Cross conversions
  • Film Restoration
  • Camera RAW file De-bayering

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