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Media storage

Critical to your operations, media storage needs to offer reliability, speed and operational functionality.

Higher resolutions, increased dynamic range and many more factors lead to a steadily rise of storage requirements. Media Storage plays a key role in todays’ media and entertainment workflows where performance, expandability and workflow efficiency counts. The R&S®SpycerNode storage platform offers you the stability, scalability and performance you need to keep up with your customers’ requirements.


  • High performance file system and comprehensive redundancy mechanisms
  • Leading IOPS performance and throughput
  • 100 Gbit/s interfaces
  • Production Asset Management (PAM)
  • Massive scalability even from the smallest system

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R&S®SpycerNode SC 4u60

  • High performance file system
  • Up to 22 Gbyte/s bandwidth per node
  • Up to 400 Gbit/s ethernet interface
  • Unified file and block storage
  • Optimized for high performance applications

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