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Level up your color grading with our incredible DVOs

Now available as OFX plugins

OFX DVO Plugins

Filmworkz is proud to make available our DVO Essentials Pack of 7 powerful, best-in-class tools as dedicated OFX plug-ins for your existing color grading system.


DVO Clarity

Will remove grain & noise in the RGB channels and won’t leave artifacts.

DVO Grain GT

Using our Emmy award-winning PHAME advanced motion estimation technology along with edge-preserving 3-D Spatio-temporal filters and temporal (recursive) filters, DVO Grain GT enables artists to produce clean, sharp pictures and match the look of film grain from shot-to-shot (including grain matching for underexposed film). The process of adaptively selecting the best mix of spatial and recursive filtering for each pixel is unique to the DVO Grain algorithm.

DVO Regrain RGB

Add realistic, highly customized grain to images in R, G, and B channels. It gives complete control over grain size, sharpness, uniformity, and color.

DVO Sharpen

Greatly enhance out-of-focus shots. Sharpen uses adaptive picture analysis and processing to yield excellent results without the common side effects associated with standard algorithms (such as amplified grain, noise, or halos around areas that were already sharp).

DVO Brickwall

Reduce compression artifacts & improve the results of your compressed image. Reduce signal entropy & achieve extremely sharp cut-off beyond your defined frequency, enabling you to create accurate & defined spectral content for various types of compression pre-processing.

DVO Pixel

Failing QC for the streamers? DVO Pixel will identify dead pixels in advance of the QC process & can be used in combination with other DVO tools to fix and remove a whole host of camera issues and rescue previously unsalvageable footage.

DVO Chroma

Even the most sophisticated digital cameras can suffer from Chroma bleeding. DVO Chroma is a powerful, fully automated tool that will enhance the quality of your image in a completely non-destructive way.

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