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Enterprise multi tier production storage

Key facts

  • Designed for modern Broadcast, Media Production and content creation
  • External Dual controller design for increased performance and processing
  • NVME based Dynamic Media Cache option for intense read/write situations
  • Enterprise erasure encoding for ultimate data safety and redundancy
  • SSD and HDD scaling for performance and/or capacity
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An evolution of combining high-performance computing (HPC) technology

Built with next-generation secure HPC technologies, R&S®SpycerNode2 takes storage for challenging media environments to the next level. Built on years of innovation, advanced data security measures, and with an updated controller design – it provides greater expansion and processing performance. Designed for modern workflows with erasure encoding for data safety, and advanced cloud support for multi-tiering. The Dynamic Media Cache upgrade adds the ability to deal with high-stress mixed read/writes.

Features & benefits

Total security – HPC RAID and redundancy

R&S®SpycerNode features HPC redundancy mechanisms to protect your content. Uniquely in media storage, this variant of IBM software solution (IBM Spectrum Scale TM RAID) uses the latest erasure coding technologies. This makes rebuild times after system failure up to four times faster than conventional RAID solutions. With redundant OS drives, controllers, PSU’s, NIC’s and Fans there is no Single Point Of Failure giving total peace of mind.

High performance and Single Namespace

Seamless workflow integration is vital for storage solutions. The R&S®SpycerNode2 uses the IBM Spectrum Scale TM HPC file system for integration. All R&S®SpycerNode storage tiers are presented under a single namespace. Your data storage pool can always be accessed with the same URL. Data can move between fast high-performance storage and high-capacity storage in line with integrated intelligent information lifecycle management.

Scale up and Scale out

Flexibility is essential for media applications; solutions need to be easily scalable. R&S®SpycerNode2 is fully scalable from the smallest unit. The solution can be adapted to your capacity and bandwidth requirements at any time, even during operation – enabling you to set up your base storage infrastructure, grow as your company grows, and react dynamically to changes in production needs.

Dynamic Media Cache (DMC)

With mixed file workflows, huge stress is placed upon the drive system as it reacts to the unpredictability of media production. With high-performance support for any creative application: broadcast editing or high-end film production, playout or streaming. Dynamic Media Cache, using NVMe, enhances delivery by ensuring, automatically, the most active data is being cached. The DMC layer is an option for R&S®SpycerNode2 and can hold up to 8TB of the busiest data.


As an option, R&S®SpycerPAM is a production asset management software that fundamentally improves the use of creative tools. Building a project-based framework for production, it keeps files safe and secure.

  • Project Sharing with on-the-fly access control
  • Content security is dramatically improved by controlling access to projects
  • Bin Locking for Media Composer and media management for Premiere Projects
  • Consistent/Automated Project structure via templates
  • Visual search tools for project content and web editing for remote work

Failover with Virtual Storage Access (VSA)

Rohde & Schwarz optional VSA technology prevents any interruption of running media transfers, file encoding and file decoding processes during playout or ingest. The virtualization layer covers errors and long latencies on a storage system. File system operations are simultaneously executed to ensure response times. Both file systems are used to read and write, eliminating switchovers and failovers. In the event of an incident, data delivered from the first responding storage mirror is forwarded to the respective client application.

High performance when needed

The R&S®SpycerNode offers excellent performance for all configurations and media workflows regardless of requirements. Based on the latest field-proven enterprise-class hardware and equipped with an HPC file system and erasure coding mechanisms, the R&S®SpycerNode delivers millions of IOPS and up to 12 Gbyte/s data throughput in a single unit with short rebuild times. The system can be used in high-speed Ethernet networks of up to 100 Gbit/s.

Device manager – flexible management

The Rohde & Schwarz device manager web application makes it much easier to set up and use our solutions. All Rohde & Schwarz systems on a network can be operated via a single clear interface. Complex console configurations and laborious maintenance work are no longer necessary, allowing you to focus on your creative work.

Unified file and block storage

R&S®SpycerNode provides file-level as well as block-level storage access. Unlike competitor products, this is also possible in hybrid operations for enormous workflow flexibility. R&S®SpycerNode takes advantage of the IBM Spectrum Scale™ file system and gives you easy access to the storage pool over a native drive or via network protocols..

Available models

Available models
Models Max. disk count Disk types RU Max. storage capacity Length

R&S®SpycerNode2 Srv

Order number 2902.6036.00

8 NVME 2x1U 4 TB 755 mm


Order number 2902.6407.02

84 SAS-SSD, NL-SAS 5U 1680 TB 933 mm

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