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R&S®SpycerNode SC 4u60

High performance media storage

Key facts

  • High performance file system
  • Up to 22 Gbyte/s bandwidth per node
  • Up to 400 Gbit/s ethernet interface
  • Unified file and block storage
  • Optimized for high performance applications

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Media storage made simple

Designed by media experts for media experts

The new R&S®SpycerNode SC offers powerful, unique performance and redundancy features that ensure talented content creators can work fast and with confidence. R&S®SpycerNode SC can operate as a standalone solution or as part of a cluster of R&S®SpycerNode systems that can be easily scaled to deliver the performance and capacity required. Performance mode and Endurance mode offer high speed or high capacity depending on user requirements. Metro Cluster offers the highest redundancy available for efficient business continuity and disaster recovery situations. R&S®SpycerNode SC is High Performance Computing (HPC) in a box. Simple to install, simple to operate and simple to scale.

Features & benefits

Hybrid File System

SAN storage and a scale out NAS in one device

“Unified File & Block Storage”.R&S®SpycerNode provides file level and block level storage access for a uniquely competitive hybrid operation that delivers enormous workflow flexibility.Users can combine disk and flash storage within hybrid networks that can encompass cloud in the same network.R&S®SpycerNode allows access to the drives irrespective of the access protocol used. This in turn allows clients that cannot be connected natively to access the system via SMB and NFS protocols

Device Manager

Easy storage setup

R&S®Device Manager is a web application that simplifies the setup and operation of the SpycerNode Storage solutions.Device Manager allows Rohde & Schwarz R&S®VENICE media servers for studio production to be managed via a single interface within the R&S®SpycerNode SC network.With Device Manager complex configurations and tedious maintenance work are now a thing of the past, leaving users free to concentrate on the business of creating content.

Scalable and adaptable

Adapt and scale as your content needs grow across the business

R&S®SpycerNode SC is uniquely scalable horizontally and vertically as required.
Starting with the smallest unit R&S®SpycerNode SC can be adapted to meet the required capacity and bandwith at any time, even during operation.
R&S®SpycerNode SC can be combined with other R&S®SpycerNode units of different sizes, performance or drive types to create a facility wide storage solution for all applications.


Production Asset Management (PAM)
R&S®SpycerPAM is a sophisticated production asset management (PAM) solution that integrates fully with R&S®SpycerNode SC and SpycerNode.
R&S®SpycerPAM reduces the complexity inherent in content creation workflows through its powerful search & viewing capabilities, easy rights management tools, automatic proxy generation & preview and bin locking – and many more features.

Performance mode and Endurance mode

Speed and capacity tailored to your application

R&S®SpycerNode SC can be configured to operate in one of two application modes: Performance mode or Endurance mode.
Performance mode optimizes all the resources of R&S®SpycerNode SC to deliver high performance and bandwidth for demanding media applications such as color grading or compositing.
Endurance mode offers a consistent performance level regardless of the storage capacity used. Performance behaviour remains constant from first installation through to 99% used storage capacity.

Metro cluster redundancy

Protected assets for business continuity or DR

Business Continuity in media production is a critical requirement to guarantee access to applications & content in the event of a disaster recovery situation.
Metro Cluster technology is an advanced ’high availability’ option that allows communication with storage resources to continue after the loss of vital system components, even if the systems are located far apart.Using Metro Cluster R&S®SpycerNode SC offers real peace of mind for content creators and security for business owners.

Production Asset Management made easy!

Collaboration is a core part of post production workflows but also a tricky one – this is where R&S®SpycerPAM comes in. It adds powerful search and viewing capabilities to your workflow and helps to reduce duplication on your R&S®SpycerNode while speeding up delivery. Your creative talents no longer have to deal with unnecessary tasks and can focus on being creative. R&S®SpycerPAM also serves the needs of your technical team. It offers tools to manage incoming footage, control access, purge rushes and create an easy archival workflow.

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