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TrueNAS F-Series

Experience True Performance

All-Flash NVMe Performance and Legendary ZFS Reliability.
Never Compromise.


NVMe Performance & Density Without Compromise

Ultimate performance, reliability, and density? You now can choose all three. With built-in high-availability and NVMe Gen4 SSDs for the fastest possible throughput, the TrueNAS F-Series safeguards data for mission-critical, high-performance operations where downtime is not an option. Density is as high as 720 TB and 30 GB/s in a 2U form factor.

Built for High Performance Workloads

The TrueNAS F-Series boasts top-of-the-line performance for the most demanding workloads, including post-production, data analytics, virtualization, and many more. It is the industry’s fastest OpenZFS appliance available, with all of the data protection and workload optimization capabilities that come with OpenZFS. Dual controllers and high-availability ensure over 99.999% uptime to maintain business operations and keep applications running around the clock.

Hardware Management & Upgrades, Simplified

The TrueNAS F-Series modular hardware architecture conserves power, space, and cooling while supporting multiple applications with its ultra-performant NVMe Flash. High Availability (HA) ensures storage services are not disrupted, while Intelligent Storage Optimization maximizes storage efficiency with typical data reduction ratios of greater than 2.5x.

Professional White-Glove Support

In the unlikely event that a failure does happen, you can rest easy knowing that all TrueNAS F-Series systems are fully backed by our US-based professional support team. Whether you need 24×365 support or on-site repair, flexible Bronze, Silver, and Gold support options are available to help you meet your goals.


The F-Series is a 2U system with dual controllers. Each controller has direct, low-latency access to the NVMe drives, and uses a dedicated high-bandwidth interconnect between controllers for synchronization and high-availability.


TrueNAS F-Series
TrueNAS F60 TrueNAS F100
F60 F100
Height 2U
Chassis Depth 27”, 686mm
Dual Controllers Yes
DRAM Per Controller 512 GB
Networking Up to 4x 40/100 GbE (optical)
2x 10G Base-T
Up to 6x 40/100 GbE (optical)
2x 10G Base-T
Max Drives Supported 24
Max Expansion Shelves 2 (Available in 2024) 4 (Available in 2024)
Max Throughput 20 GByte/s 30 GByte/s
NVMe Storage/All-Flash
Max Capacity (2024) 2.1 PB 3.5 PB
Max Effective Capacity* 4 PB 7 PB

* Maximum effective capacity assumes typical data reduction through compression and deduplication.

The F-Series is designed for maximum ZFS performance and five 9’s availability. The F-Series is ideal for high density and high performance storage applications. Contact us for a system design and quote that will fit within your budget.

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