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mistika boutique

The ultimate finishing Hero Suite tailored to your needs
Conform – VFX – Color Grading – Finishing
HDR – 8K – HFR – S3D – VR

Want more creative control?

Say hi to Mistika Boutique – the first and only post-production system to natively integrate the most complete spectrum of professional finishing tools, including conforming, VFX, color grading, Stereo 3D, VR/360º – and so much more.

Feel trapped in a Timeline?

Mistika’s unique and infinite Timespace, provides you with new levels of capability: mix different resolutions, frame rates, file types and color spaces without duplicating environments or projects – complete and unrestricted flexibility at all times.

 Push the boundaries. Feel the Color.

Using the highest levels of color science, Mistika Ultima provides colorists with infinite control and finesse, allowing them to make adjustments to parameters without ‘breaking’ the color and achieving flawless results – every time.

Ready to see a bigger picture?

Immerse your audience with cutting-edge technology.
Mistika Boutique is the only finishing system that enables complete creation of Immersive content from initial optical flow stitching to the final deliverables, by fully integrating professional immersive reality toolset with a truly comprehensive collection of 360º/VR and Stereo 3D functionalities.
Being natively-integrated with industry-adopted stitching software Mistika VR, project metadata can simply be shared, eliminating the need of intermediate rendering.

Dvo tools for mistika

The integration of DVO Tools to Mistika Ultima and Mistika Boutique additionally leverages the power and flexibility of Mistika Technology.

With Color & VFX toolsets being seamlessly integrated, Mistika users are now able to work with any of the DVO Tools for Mistika within the same unified environment independently of what the principle task is – removing artefacts, sharpening, noise reduction or even image restoration.

Features & benefits

Color Management tailor-made to your needs.

Mistika’s unique Unicolor feature enables you to create any deliverable to any color space and gamma curve within the same environment. In addition, you can select any adjustment – in part or full – and propagate it across the frame, scene or even the whole project – simple, dependable and totally effective.

Comply with the industry standards.

Mistika Boutique provides an enhanced HDR workflow, allowing color grading on HDR & SDR simultaneously, even working with high resolution media in a dual output mode without affecting the system performance.

Be one step ahead.
Mistika Boutique seamlessly integrates Color & VFX within the same unified environment, allowing you to adjust any parameter at any moment without moving between different applications or software solutions.

EXR Multilayer

Direct and full access to multi-layered object ID’s enabling total integration of color grading with VFX.

Optical Flow

Timewarp, distortions, depth adjustments, motion blurs… All in real-time at the highest possible quality.

Dummy Clips

Build unlimited customized effects for color grading and VFX.


Plugins fully integrated throughout all format projects and toolsets in Mistika Boutique.


Conforming can be performed against several files simultaneously in the same Timespace while using multiple EDLs, AAFs or XMLs.

Match & Paste

Re-conform, edit and copy all the color grading adjustments made into a new re-conformed edit – again and again!


Mistika’s unique metadata format offers unlimited flexibility of your project workflow. Apply color correction even before the edit, make proxies and conform using that metadata and you’ll end up having footage in RAW with color applied easily.

History System

Save as many versions as you want in one simple click and recover them easily – without affecting the performance.

Offered completely free of charge and available for Windows and macOs, the newly released Mistika Boutique Education Edition offers all the functionality and feature architecture as the Professional Immersive Edition of Mistika Boutique.

This special Educational Edition renders to compressed formats, including H.264, ProRes Proxy and LT and projects created in this version cannot be opened in other editions of Mistika Boutique.

Create and deliver without compromise.

Mistika Boutique performance optimizations are made on SGO extensive engineering expertise and knowledge, empowering its users with maximum efficiency and productivity even when working with high resolutions and on the most demanding projects.

Open and Text-based Solution 

Allows custom scripting, for example  to automate the building of timelines and re-conform projects. Plus, Mistika Boutique enables easy creation of customized Render Presets, Render Path Presets and so much more.

Imagine. Plan. Initiate. Execute. Supervise. Finish. Repeat.

Manage and scale any project in the most efficient and productive way possible, by easily building a complete infrastructure of integrated Mistika Technology solutions, that share project and user settings to work collaboratively – all in one unified environment.

Mistika Boutique is hardware-agnostic and runs on both macOS and Windows, giving you the complete freedom to choose the hardware of your choice. You can find recommended configurations, prepared by our engineers


mistika ultima

Turn-key Hero suite for Grading and Finishing


DVO Tools for mistika

The standard OFX suite for Finishing.


mistika vr

Industry-adopted Optical Flow Image Stitching.


mistika workflows

Media Management, Transcoding and Delivery.


mistika review

Real-time playback and review software for VFX.

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