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4K Production Workflow On-Set Look Management 

In this production workflow, we see an on-set 12G-SDI signal from a 4K cinema camera system passed to the ColorBox via the 12G-SDI in. The ColorBox has a 3D LUT applied, which simulates a film look and is monitored for the DIT over the HDMI 2.0 out. At the same time, the DP monitors the same 3D LUT applied video via 12G-SDI for more critical feedback. Different 3D LUTs are selectable to suit the needs of the production, with easy control provided by the DIT. The loop through on ColorBox is connected to the Ki Pro Ultra 12G for high quality capture of the video signal without the LUT applied. Third party tools can adjust Color Decision Lists (CDL) values on the fly for on-set color grading.

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